Tiger, Snakes, and a Dedication



He did it again. Tiger Woods once again did the impossible. Tiger Woods’ 2019 Masters victory will go down in the annals of history as one of the greatest wins in sport. By all accounts, he was written off as being done. Woods, who said a year ago he might never walk again, roared back on the major championship scene by winning an event that he had not won since 2005.

After the finishing stroke on the 18th hole at Augusta National Golf Club, Woods and his fans let out a primal roar. It was an eruption of all the emotion, enduring struggle, and epic battle through injuries.


With all his fans, new and old, chants of “Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!” filled the air. Just as he did back in ’97 with his first major historic victory, Tiger exceeded expectations and delivered a long-awaited win, his first major championship win since the 2008 U.S. Open at Torre Pines. It was a moment to savor for a lifetime. If you were watching, you felt the emotion. It’s a story to which we all can relate. Hollywood films and storytelling love the message of redemption and a comeback.


Now, back to reality. As a watcher of social media, it’s incredibly annoying when people post pictures of encounters they have with snakes. I’ll be the first to say that everything has a purpose, and snakes’—is just being snakes; they are not out for the sole purpose of harming us well-meaning upright mammals.


I’ve always said, if I were to see a snake in my house, yard, or zip code, I would put the property on the market and move to Maui, Hawaii—land of (nearly)no snakes. Well, it finally happened. I found a snake on my property near the entrance to my garage. I can’t be certain, since as soon as I saw it in my periphery, I was sprinting up the street.


Here are a few questions that were asked:

How big was it?

My initial answer: 25-30 feet

Fact: 2-3 feet.


What type of snake was it?

My initial answer: King Cobra, Black Mamba, or maybe Anaconda.

Fact: Garden or rate snake.


Did he attack you?

My initial answer: Yes. He coiled and lunged at me. He spat his venom at me to tried to blind me or mortally wound me.

Fact: The snake didn’t react in any way. He eventually left on his own, doing no harm to anyone.


Thankfully, two  neighboring ladies came to the rescue and quickly took control of the situation. There was a lot screaming, yelling, and widespread panic, but they were able to calm me down and comfort me.


Finally, one of my closest and dearest friends in the world received a scary diagnosis. I wanted to let them know that I am thinking of them, even as I write this trivial story. I want to remind them that they are loved, not only by me but all who surround them. Get well soon. I will be with you every step of the way.


I will always continue to try my best to make you laugh forever.  Love you DW. Without you, there would never been an On The Links/OTL.

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