What a great season for Texas golf. The world was watching as the World’s top 64 players came to Austin to vie for the title of Match Play Champion. Then it was off to San Antonio for the Valero Texas Open. Austin put our best foot forward as host of the DELL Technologies Match Play Championship.

The atmosphere was electric. All the players were there, on and off the links. The key word, “hospitality,” was in effect. Food, music, and great golf were the order of the day. While the final few days were a test due to weather, we saw a Tiger vs. Rory matchup that did not disappoint.

It’s truly an honor to live in such an amazing city. The crowds were huge and conducted themselves with enthusiasm and dignity.

The Austin Country Club is a marvelous place to be a spectator.  With only 64 players in the field, it provided an opportunity to see the best players in the world up close. My friend said that he didn’t quite know how to take seeing the crowds that followed Tiger.. How does it feel to be Tiger and exist in such a bubble? All the people, all the time, are watching every shot and every move. It has to be a unique existence. With all his fame or his fortune, how does he maintain his sanity? I likened it to “The Walking Dead.” The herd would move in and out throughout the grounds. You could see it coming and watch it leave. The “Tiger Effect” is real.

I got out and played in a charity golf event in The Woodlands. It was a chance to get out and play with a good friend. I usually only play with people I know. It’s something I’m working on. While golf is a game of solitude, it’s also a communal game at its core. It provides a chance to play and meet new people. All of my closest friends for life and I have shared a connection with golf.

The morning of the tournament, I drive up to my friend’s house. It’s early so I text him that I had arrived at his gate. It’s at this point I receive the best golf related text ever. “Pull in and put your clubs in the Rolls Royce.” I’ve received a lot of texts in my day, but that one stands out. Best text ever.

Needless to say, it was all downhill from there. We had a great time laughing, talking, and hanging out, but my game was not spot on. That’s a consequence of not playing all winter. This is when we make the claim of needing to play more golf.

As for this issue, it is always a pleasure to cover things from my hometown. Our featured golf course is Pebble Creek Country Club in College Station. Pebble Creek is an incredible club with a dynamic and attentive staff. There are wonderful things going on in the club and the community.

If you’re going to be playing more golf this season, make sure your body is adequately prepared. Leslie Awdykowytz has some helpful hints for fitness. After your body is ready, pick out some cool new clothes. Dana Delorenzo was at the WGC DELL Match Play event scoping out what folks were wearing. She has advice on how to look your best this year.

Spring is the best time of the year. It’s a time of hope and renewal. Call a friend and hit the links or just get out and see what happens. That’s what makes life interesting and fun. – Sedric Walker, Publisher

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