Managing the golf course is a glaring weakness for almost all golfers — despite their experience and ability level. A lot of us blindly feel our way around, trying to eye distances and figure out what club we’re comfortable using on any given shot. But removing the guesswork is a simple process — provided you have the right tools. And two new products will more than help you out, on every shot. They may even shave a few strokes off your next round.

Do you ever mis-club a shot because you had the distance all wrong? Even when the cart has a GPS display, you can’t always drive it to your ball. Which is why using a rangefinder is key. You can conveniently take it anywhere on the course for exact distances to the target and hazards. Callaway’s latest, the 250 Laser ($230), features “Pin Acquisition Technology” that can lock onto the flagstick from 300 yards away, and give you yardage readings to objects from up to 950 yards out. It comes with a hard protective case, and also includes a unique magnetic strap that mounts to magnetic surfaces — like the frame of a golf cart.

Arrcos 360 ($250) seamlessly tracks your shot habits and distances on the course — to help you lower scores. It includes 14 lightweight sensors that screw into the butt of each grip in your club set, and a smartphone app. Once synched together, each sensor automatically tracks and analyzes all of your shots. You’ll be amazed at what it teaches you about your game and swing.

The latest version dazzles you with graphics, and shows you shot histories of all your rounds, analytics for many game aspects, and performance trends. The system’s reportedly helped users shave nearly three strokes off their scores, on average. For added measure, the app has built-in GPS for 40,000 courses.

By Scot Kramer

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