Circuit of the Americas. The name evokes excitement. I had the pleasure of doing a lot of work with a local billboard company and as a perk, they invited me to Formula 1. When we arrived at the track, the buzz was palpable. The roar of the engines was dominant. The client didn’t just give me seats for the race, they gave me VIP suite grandstand seats.
Texas is literally transformed into an international destination for a few days in October. The suites are spacious and properly catered. We were given ear plugs to step outside to our seats to enjoy the siren like musings of some of the most technologically evolved and majestically engineered cars on Earth.

By race time, responsible or not, the ear plugs were tossed to the ground as to feel the full effect of the F1 cars. The track has been hailed as a masterpiece. When the cars hit the straightaway and take on the elevation, you can’t help but yell and cheer to try to match the volume. I’m not a F1 enthusiast who travels abroad or carefully watches the weekly F1 broadcast or charts the points leader, but for one weekend, I’m all in.

Saturday night, pop-sensation Taylor Swift rocked the crowd of all ages and on Sunday Lee Hamilton did the Texas two-step and defended his title. That’s a great weekend in Austin.
Circuit of the Americas has several events from races to concerts throughout the year. The Formula One United States Grand Prix returns to Austin later this year October 20-22nd. Check their website for upcoming events and for more information. Make sure you can do it in style.

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