As a Pop Pilates instructor, I have had professional athletes come take classes to help with their stability, flexibility, and overall physical well being.  Often we think that as long as we can lift a certain amount of weight and burn it up on the dance floor then we are good to go, but we cannot forget to revise our workouts and add variety with callisthenics.

From a plank position, place both feet on the stability ball. Lift your right leg and pulse in the air 20x, switch sides and do the same.  Rest and repeat three to four sets, adding ankle weights as an option for increased intensity.  Remember, even though our focus is the glute, your core has to remain engaged to help stabilize your body.

Start with a strong bridge position, making sure your feet are under your knees and arms at your side for support.  Lift one leg and point your foot to the sky; by pointing the feet, you activate the quads.  Drive your hips up, keeping your abs tight and not hollowing out your back. Keep your hips lifted and make small circles in the air with your foot, 20x.  Following the circles, leg still elevated, execute single leg bridge lifts, 20x.  Switch sides and repeat twice.

Toning up your glutes does involve weights but it doesn’t have to each time.  By implementing a variety of exercises into your routine, you’ll keep your muscles guessing and staying well rounded.

By Leslie Awdykowyz

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