“Go Big” May not Apply

Temptation is a cruel mistress, and this concept is no more evident than at the par-4 12th (original course) at Onion Creek Club in South Austin. At it’s longest the hole is a mere 342 yards, but plays even shorter due to the massively elevated tee box.

Many a player might be lulled into hitting driver off the tee and relishing the thought of an eagle putt, but beware. Not only is your postage stamp target guarded by a large bunker short and right of the green, there’s also the meandering Onion Creek hazard to the right and OB to the left that should give you pause. The tree-lined tee box and left-to-right sloping fairway also adds an element of intimidation, as does the resulting unpredictable wind-tunnel effect on breezy days.

Calm your inner Happy Gilmore and play a long iron or hybrid off the tee to set up a simple approach and a shot at birdie, then walk away with your par and be thankful it’s over.

By Kimberly Feliciano

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