OTL has always provided a respite from all the real-world stuff that you see on television and social media. We understand there is more to life than leisure and luxury, but we are advocates of such things. You have every right to doom and gloom, you just can’t access it from this platform.

We live in Texas so there is plenty to room to physical distance. Thank goodness for open highways and golf.

You can still tee it up in most places.

I was invited to play Pebble Beach last week. Believe it or not, work didn’t permit me to go. Yes, I thought I was in the golf business. Pebble Beach is still a public course. As fate would have it, another close friend said, since I didn’t play Pebble, we should just play a muni-course.

It should be the same. About halfway through our round, I thought I’d compare and contrast the tale of two courses. I’ll call this friend, Pat.

So, I texted Pat to see how his day was going. He said he was about to tee off. The weather in Austin 106, with a heat index of 114. What’s it like on the Monterrey Peninsula, I asked? He replies, 64. I curse him silently. I texted, however, “Nice. Have a great round.”

About this time, a course marshall drives by and says, “You can bump it if you like, winter rules,” he says with a laugh. I pipe my drive down the middle of the fairway (or should I say, what should be a fairway) only to find that my ball on rocks and dirt. Pat then texts, “I just holed out on number 8 for an eagle.” I reply, “That’s great. An eagle at Pebble Beach, that memory will last a lifetime.” I turn to my playing partner and again curse Pat and my fate.

The point here is you should never curse your friends when they are having more fun than you. The real point is that even during these unusual times, we can still have fun, spend quality time with those you love.

A couple of weeks ago, we had the chance to get out of the office and visit The Clubs at Houston Oaks. We assigned a writer to the story but we wanted to get a glimpse of the property before we went to print. I was in Bryan visiting my mom, so the drive was less than an hour. Driving into the property, I was amazed by the landscape and all the beautiful trees. The CEO/GM Robert Gusella was kind enough to give us a tour of the property. I won’t go into detail here but you can read the story a few pages over. It was impressive. The Clubs at Houston Oaks is a phenomenal club and property. It’s a game-changer. Bob was such a cool guy, knowledgeable, charming, and hospitable. It exceeded all expectations.  All I could think of what that I’ve driven by this place for years and had no idea all of this was right off the highway. It’s a remarkable place to get away and spend time with the family. I want to personally and publicly thank him for giving us a fantastic day. Now, I’ve got to get to work to make money to become a member and buy a house there.

Quick hits. Katie Soltas has joined the team and has a great story on Tampa Bay. There’s more there than just Tom Brady.

I asked Richard Arebalo to do a story on takeout. Is it just as good as in restaurant dining? He said, NO it’s not. So he went out to Second Bar + Kitchen for a real meal. And we get on the road in style with Michelle Keller for some luxury RVing.

It’s a great issue. Stay safe. Enjoy.

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