If someone told you that you could increase bone density, build and tone your muscles, gain strength, obtain better balance and improve your cardio all in one exercise would you be interested? For some, jumping may seem like an activity for young children or athletes, but it is an exercise that could be incorporated into your routine to improve your health in multiple ways. Box jumps are extremely beneficial and easy to add to your regular exercise regimen.

Maintaining strong bones is crucial to staying healthy throughout your life and the earlier you make a conscious effort to build muscle and keep your bone density levels high, the better. By doing this low impact exercise, you are building strength in your legs, arms and core while gaining more bone density which reduces the risk of injury.

Because box jumps are an explosive exercise, they’ll get the heart rate going in no time, forcing your cells to use more oxygen. This will increase your overall performance inside and outside the gym when it comes to physical activities and also allows for a quick burst of cardio if you don’t have a lot of time. If high impact cardio is not best for you, then jumping rope or box jumps are a great alternative since they are low impact and highly effective for heart health. A stronger heart means that you will have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, reduce bad cholesterol and lower your blood pressure.

We all know that balance is key in life, not just when it comes to work and leisure, but also your body’s ability to balance. Box jumps help improve balance because they work the muscles in your legs and core, but also require balance and agility to properly land both feet at the same time on top of the box. If jumping on top of a box seems daunting to you, then start with a lower box or even a step, until your body is used to the motion and gain the confidence to add height. The more you practice, the easier they will be and the higher you will be able to jump.

Like anything new in life, an adjustment period is expected. Take your time and slowly add height to your box. Adding box jumps into your routine will be satisfying and beneficial as you not only gain muscle and burn fat, but also realize just how powerful and capable your body is.

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