I haven’t played a lot of golf this year. When I have played, I noticed my driving has been dismal. Historically, driving is a strong part of my game. About a year ago, I purchased a Ping driver. While playing in Maui, my friend asked me to hit his driver. I hit it and easily found fairway after fairway. I trooped down to Roger Dunn’s golf store and asked the salesperson to give me the exact same driver as my friend. For the record, no part of our golf game resembles one another.

I wanted his exact driver. After the honeymoon phase ended, I lost over 30 yards and accuracy. It was hard to hit and difficult to control. I thought something was wrong with me. Was I out of golf shape? Am I too old, was it over? My iron play was just as good as ever. What was it?

Leonard, from Club Champion, has been writing columns for OTL for the past year, invited me to come in for a fitting for the driver. I kept telling him yes, but I never acted on it. After playing in a charity golf tournament last week, I decided it was time for a visit.

It was my first time receiving a club fitting. I didn’t know what to expect. I thought they were going to point out all my golf swing flaws. I wasn’t interested in a lesson, I wanted to know if I was playing with the correct equipment for my level of talent. Turns out I wasn’t. The experience was a revelation, a game changer. After only a few swings, Mike, who will forever be known as “The Doctor” changed my game.

He immediately diagnosed the problem and provided the optimal solution. It’s one thing to say it’s better but he provided empirical proof. Problem addressed and solved. The Trackman doesn’t lie or sugarcoat. Once I considered my driver an asset and a weapon. However, over the past year, the driver has been a liability, a source of frustration and anxiety. At the end of the session, I asked Mike if he offered a fitting session for my relationship woes. He laughed and said if he could work that kind of magic, he would have a much bigger store and more clients.

OTL is about life, leisure and luxury. On the life side, my heart goes out to one of my favorite cities, El Paso. I lived there for four fantastic years. The community, culture and love of that city is special. I have formed relationships with friends from EP that will last a lifetime. I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that we stand with them during this time of sadness. El Paso has been there for a long time and it will endure through this tragedy. It is a dark chapter, but just like the endless sunshine of the city, this dark shall pass. El Paso will shine on.

Just when you think of how bad things are, the good in people shows up. I attended and old school rap concert that included, MC Hammer, Tone Loc, Doug E. Fresh, Kid N Play and Sir Mixalot.

It was good to see people of all backgrounds come together and genuinely have a good time. As I looked around the venue, it was nothing but love. For a few hours, the politics of division that is constantly covered during the 24-hour news cycle on a daily basis was not part of the mix. At that moment, once again, I felt part of ONE AMERICA. For all of those that would prefer us separated and divided, I refer you to MC Hammer, “You Can’t Touch This.”

Short Game: You have to check out our feature on the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse. I don’t know how long a place has to exist before it receives legendary status or it’s referred to as an institution, but I’m prepared to proclaim it as such. The food, the atmosphere and service are unmatched. Special thanks to my man Rudy and Joel for the hospitality. It was an unforgettable experience. My goal is to become a regular. They are part of the same can be said for Vaqueros, part of the same family.

We have an awesome story on the Palmer course in San Antonio. We visited La Cantera Resort and spa. Carl Mickelson sets the stage. As always, this issue is packed with superb content.

Farewell to the 100 plus degrees temperatures. Bring on the fall. Enjoy the change of the season.

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