I have many customers who smoke infused or flavored cigars. They smoke them because they think they are lighter in nicotine than other cigars (not always true), the flavor goes with their drink or just every now and then they want to try something unique. I have been asked if these cigars are made with inferior tobacco or short filler? These premium cigars are made with the same tobacco and rolling process as any other cigar. There are cigars made with short filler or inferior tobacco, but we are not discussing those.

There is a different process for infusing a cigar and flavoring a cigar. You can even try infusing your own cigars at home.

  • Acid by Drew Estate has a top-secret process and flavor profile. Their cigars are not flavored, but “infused” by placing the cigars in special rooms lined with botanicals, oils and herbs. The aromas imbue the aging cigars adding different flavors and aromas. I suggest to people to smell the cigar first (this is the only time sniffing the cello works and is ok) since they taste like the flavors they are smelling.
  • Java by Drew Estate and Rocky Patel. This infused cigar uses premium Nicaraguan tobacco and infuses it with coffee and cocoa. Depending on the one you get it will have vanilla, mint or cherry as well. These two industry giants have come together to make this cigar by slowly infusing the flavors over a long period of time. This cigar starts very sweet but mellows through the smoke. However, it maintains the flavor during the smoke because of the infusion process.
  • Tatiana Cigars are a flavored cigar. The tobacco is aged for 2 years which helps it to be a smooth smoke. The flavor is added after the cigar is made. This is done by placing the cigar in a sealed room or container and putting flavors in with the cigar or spraying the cigar with the flavoring. They have a wide variety of flavors.
  • Nub Café is a unique infused cigar. The cigar wrapper is infused with coffee and has a sweet cap. This cigar was made for pairing with coffee flavors. It has a nice Dominican binder and filler with the Connecticut shade wrapper.

If you have not tried an infused cigar, you should. I pushed back on trying them for a long time. I bought a couple of Nub Café for a friend for Christmas and he asked me to join him. I did and found it was a great smoke.

Tara Lee Maloney

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