The OTL brand is always about the best and enjoying what life has to offer. We have never gone down the road of pessimism or political tribalism. We are aware of Covid-19 and the affect it has had on 2020. We have chosen not to talk Covid-19 ad nauseum in this forum. There are 24-hour media outlets that can fill that void.

At the time of this letter, there isn’t a cure for the virus.

2020 is almost in the books. We have made another trip around the sun. It has been a challenging year. Living during 2020 has felt like living in the “upside down” (see ‘Stranger Things’ for reference).

It has been a time for changing roles. Those of us of a certain age have had to deal with aging parents. Once upon a time, they took care of us now we are having to help with their healthcare needs. We are seeing them in a different light. They need us now to help carry the load. It’s tough seeing them vulnerable when they once seemed invincible.

Your kids have grown up before your eyes.

Kids that once needed to be carried and cared for, now have graduated or have moved into adulthood. They are children no more. I have empathy for the class of 2020, both college and high school. We told them to be patient growing up and they would have their time. How many times have you told a child to be patient or you can’t go out just yet? We said your time is coming. “This is the best time of your life,” it was for us. The year 2020 ripped those anticipated experiences from them and gave them an unexpected, alternative version of reality. They feel cheated.
But through it all, we persist. Life always finds a way.

Our experience tells us, things will improve. During the last few months, we have adapted. We spent more time with our family. We have reached out and told others what they mean to us and how much we love them. That’s a great thing.

I spent time with my father, who has had his own special set of challenges. His overwhelming, indomitable positive spirit has been infectious. His sheer determination is what inspired me to write this letter. It is my hope that his fire that ignited these words will spark you to move forward with love, compassion, and hope.

In this issue, Katie Soltas visits Sedona, Arizona. It’s breathtaking, majestic, and soul nurturing. We dined at a’Bouzy in Houston. Not far from downtown, it’s a place where champagne flows nightly. Great atmosphere and great food. The next day, we headed up highway 290 and visited the much talked about Bunker 55 inside the gates of The Clubs at Houston Oaks. It’s high tech and only a few eyes have gazed upon it. We descended into the heavily guarded underground lair and gazed upon its contents. We have pictures proving its existence.

We kick off Fall with a fantastic issue. You’ll want to read every word.
Be Safe. Enjoy.

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