Grill 254 at La Cantera Resort and Spa is in the plainest terms a sports bar. A sports bar that happens serves gourmet burgers, ginger soy brussels sprouts, grilled asparagus, great soups, salads, and has twenty-four artesian beers on tap, twenty-one whiskeys/bourbons, and sixteen scotches always available.

Located in the La Cantera clubhouse, the Grille opened only four months ago after an extensive renovation to the space. It has very high ceilings, a beautiful wrap around marble bar and 11 large screen televisions playing various sports events throughout the day.

Its location is perfect for golfers enjoying the resort’s renowned courses, but it’s also very easy to access from nearby shopping and even Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

I recently stopped in and spent a few hours having lunch and enjoying a McCallan’s 18 while waiting for a later appointment.

Having traveled a lot for business, including a lot of hotel stays, I use the club sandwich as a bit of a touchstone for a kitchen. Grill 254’s popular club sandwich is certainly worth a try. The toast was just the right amount of crisp, the turkey was good, and the pastrami was even better; the avocado and basil mayo all together made for a really good sandwich. Crisp well-made French fries were a bonus.

To get a good feel for the menu, I also ordered a beet salad and a Chicken squash soup – The salad was on the light side, but the soup had a nice complex flavor from tomato, paprika, and chili oil.

Chef Giovanni Silva who spent some time at Signature and was a chef on various cruise lines has a good sense for what can become a crowd pleaser. Soft, gigantic pretzels and fried amazingly-flavored brussels sprouts are also big sellers at the bar.

Dessert was a challenge, but Grille 254’s Mudpie made at the Spa’s kitchen next door was worth the effort. Tall layers of good quality chocolate mousse and whipped cream top a nice dark chocolate crust.

With a few hours to kill I was able to sit, read a book, and enjoy some of the longest views in the city. The staff is helpful and friendly, and the bar feels easy and comfortable.

Whether playing golf or just looking for a well-made lunch – Grill 254 is a good choice in a neighborhood full of amazing options.

Richard Arebalo
OTL Features Editor



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