When we hear someone say they want to work on their core, most tend to think they are referring to their abdominal muscles, which may be true, however; the core also includes the glutes. It’s no secret that more women are making an effort to improve the appearance of their backside, but men should too–not just for the looks but more so for their health. Having a strong butt helps pull in the belly, reduces back pain, provide stability and of course, it doesn’t hurt that it has a visual appeal as well.

This medley will target different areas of the glutes and not only give it a nice shape, but also strengthen the minor muscles as well.

Using weights is optional for these movements, but you can grab a plate or a kettlebell and hold it close to the center of your body. While keeping the weight close will help with balance, it also forces you to use your abdominal muscles to contract. Each movement should be done with the same leg until the set is finished.

Right leg steps directly to the right as you go into a lunge position while the left leg will be straight like a kickstand. It is important to activate your core during this movement to protect your back, help with balance and ensure you are executing safely. Your right knee should not cross past your ankle; keeping a sturdy beam from the heel to knee will enable you to effectively push your body back to center without putting your knee in a position of discomfort or injury.
Step directly back with your right leg for a reverse lunge, keeping the left knee directly over the ankle and the right knee under your hip. As you rise, press through the heel to target the glute more than the quad, and come back to center.









By Leslie Awdykowyz
Certified Instructor,
Pop Pilates

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