Golfers sustain injuries. That’s a fact. The golf swing can be a thing of beauty for the skillfully trained, but it is a learned motion which requires practice and patience to perfect. Strength is an important component in all physical activity. The golf swing is no exception. Strength in the right places is the key.

There is no better place to start than with a strong core. Most people think “abs” when they hear people talk about having a strong core, but the core is not just the abs, it also includes back and glutes as well. Power is a valuable commodity and strength can help guard against injury so you can truly enjoy the game. Today I’ll show you how to improve your core with simple yet effective movements.

Plank position is no stranger to those who are working towards a stronger core, but I’d like to add a little something extra to help with proper stability.
From plank position with your forearms like railroad tracks and your gaze at the floor, reach your right arm over your right ear as you rotate. Alternate each time, start with ten on each side and increase the repetitions as desired.
The second exercise is one of my favorites for targeting lower abs, the rectus abdominis, an area that is not worked often enough in our day to day lives. While lying flat on your back, slightly bend your left leg and stack the other heel right over the bottom of your left knee cap.

By Leslie Awdykowyz
Certified Pop Pilates instructor





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