A lot has happened since our last issue. Let’s start with the story that has rocked the headlines and given us all a reason to pause and reflect. The tragic death of NBA legend, Kobe Bryant sent shockwaves around the world.

Bryant died in a helicopter crash while on the way to his daughter’s basketball game. Gianna, GiGi, his 13-year old daughter, was traveling with him. Seven other souls also perished in the crash. At the risk of sounding callous, people die every day. No one knows when it will happen. The only thing we know for certain is that we all must go down that road. We all hope to have a long life, but when someone dies at an early age, we mourn the loss seemingly more. Kobe’s death seems to be hitting many very hard. Perhaps it’s because we have seen him grow up before our eyes.

Kobe was somewhat of a prodigy. He chose to skip college and headed straight to the NBA. He entered the NBA as a young, brash kid. He clearly was talented. In his youth, he made some mistakes, battled with coaches but ultimately became a champion. During this process, he slowly began to mature. Kobe married, became a father several times over and became the leader of his team and an ambassador of the game.

Kobe had a stellar career and was beginning his next act after retiring. Not to eulogize the man, but he was a prominent figure in his sport as well as a pop-culture icon. Kobe gave us a glimpse into his greatness on the court but we had started to learn the true measure of his greatness. His work-ethic, will, commitment and determination. That is his long-lasting legacy and his gift to mankind.

As someone who has experienced the death of loved ones, one of the most difficult things to live with is the suddenness of it. One minute, you are talking as usual and the next minute, you are added what I like to refer to as the “dreaded apostrophe.”

It’s that moment when you refer to someone with ownership of something that you’re not ready for them to own. You find yourself saying, ‘Kobe’s funeral’.

Kobe’s car, Kobe’s wife, Kobe’s kids are acceptable terms, but he shouldn’t be in possession of a funeral.

Kobe worked out all the time. He was in fantastic shape. He took care of his body. Then the term “body” takes on a different meaning. His “body” will be returned to his family. Those are a few nuances of death.

Many have considered his passing a wake-up call. We now must try to get the most we can out of every day. We can use this as the teachable moment to intensely and passionately pursue the things that are important to you.

Just like Kobe, we all can elevate our lives the way he would elevate and take those wonderous shots. RIP Mamba.

This issue is dedicated not to all the ones who have passed on but to those we love who are still here.

Do things now. Experience as much as you can, now. Live now. Be all you can be, now.

Now, take a look at our latest issue of OTL. We are excited to enter Austin’s most decorated club, Austin Country Club. It’s legendary. It’s everything you’ve heard and more. We head back out to the Dell Match Play event in March. It’s a great show and tons of fun. If you haven’t tried it, make this year the year you attend.

Quick shout out to all the people who we saw at PGA Show in Orlando. It was golf heaven.  The show was amazing displaying all the new things that the game and the industry have to offer.

And, yes, I went to Disneyworld for the first time. Words can’t describe it. It took way too long for me to go. I’m absolutely thrilled to have had the experience. It won’t be my last.

Enjoy the issue. Enjoy those you love and allow those who love you to enjoy you.

Do it, now.

Sedric Walker




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