When talking about stabilizing muscles, it is not uncommon to think of abdominal work; however, there are a vast variety of exercises to be explored in order to keep your routines exciting and challenging.

The TRX setup may seem intimidating if you’ve never used one, but they are considerably ambitious combination exercises to be discovered.

Start in a strong plank position, engaging your core, and do a push up.  After your pushup is complete, squeeze your abs a little more as you lift your hips towards the ceiling, into pike.  This exercise works multiple muscle groups in a short time; abs, chest, shoulders and triceps are all strengthened during this flow.  Three sets of ten is a good starting point, and take it up as you become stronger and more confident in your body’s ability to control each movement.

Another one of my favorites for working on stabilizing muscle groups is a standing lunge while keeping one foot in the strap of the TRX.

After your foot is comfortably in the strap, hop forward to where your front leg will have a 90 degree bend for your lunge.  Using weights is always optional, so pick what is best for you.  Maintain focus to keep your balance and lunge in place, driving through the heel to target your glutes and hamstrings.  10-12 reps, then switch sides. If your balance is being tested a bit too much, prop up a foam roller and lightly place your hand on it as you execute the movement, or ask a friend to help out.

Exercise routines can become mundane and not only do you get bored, but your muscles do too.  Always try new things to keep it appealing to you personally, but also to keep the muscles stimulated, challenged and ever changing.

By Leslie Awdykowytz

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