We often say that the work done back stage is what makes the show spectacular.  All of the “less important” things are essential for any one thing to work at its highest potential, and that is no exception for the human body.  When we think of nice legs, perhaps quads, calves, and glutes come to mind, but let’s not forget about the less talked about muscles like the inner thigh and hamstring.

While on your side, hold onto the inside of your ankle with your top hand and prop your head up with the bottom hand.  Lift your leg and keep your feet pointing, that will help target the inner thigh rather than your quads. Make small circles going forwards 20 times, backwards 20 times and then small pulses 20 times.  Feel free to add ankle weights to challenge yourself a little bit on round two!

Rest your back and hips on the ground and keep your arms on the floor for support.  Place your heels on top of the stability ball with your legs extended.  Lift your hips, keep your core engaged.  Keeping your feet on the ball, bring the ball towards your body and back out to your starting position.  Make sure to keep your hips lifted the whole time. Try three sets of 20 reps.

Power for speed and stopping in bikes, cars, and boats mostly comes from the rear; the same applies to our bodies.  Don’t neglect the less flashy muscles; they are crucial for optimal performance, and remember, the hamstrings are the elevator to the booty.

By Leslie Awdykowyz

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