Ideally if you keep your golf grips clean, they will last you for an entire year. The better you maintain them, the longer they’ll last. You’re supposed to wash them with warm water and soap, then rinse them, after every round. But many of you don’t do that. In fact, studies show that most golfers simply neglect them. Which is unfortunate, because grips quickly degrade over time — as a result of play, oils from your palm, perspiration, the summer heat and wet weather — not to mention just sheer aging. Once you feel them slipping during your swing, or when you feel cracks in them, it’s time for fresh replacements. And it’s your lucky year, because there are some amazing new models on the market:

Golf Pride’s mega-popular Tour Velvet has been renovated and now features ALIGN Technology ($9.49/midsize, $8.99/standard), which is a raised red reminder ridge down the grip’s underside. Put your hands on it and you’ll instantly know exactly how and where to hold the club consistently. Plus it enhances clubface awareness. A micro-diamond texture settles in your palm, to further ease your hold. This latest version is 8 percent softer than the previous Tour Velvet.

Lamkin’s Comfort PLUS ($7.99) is billed as an ultra-comfortable alternative to polyurethane grips. Made of a proprietary DSX rubber compound, it’s both soft and durable. A reduced taper with a larger lower hand helps you not hold the club so tightly. A shallow micro-texture pattern and unbuffed finish work together to provide solid traction.

Winn’s Dri-Tac X Putter features a new bold style. But it still has the same, comfortable and soft supple feel as the popular Dri-Tac. It also keeps its traction in wet weather. It’s offered in three sizes ($8.48/standard, $9.49/midsize and $14.99/Jumbo).

By Scott Kramer
OTL Magazine

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