Do you start every summer thinking the same as I do? I thought as soon as school was over, I would have more time to myself. Which means cigars and whiskey time for me. Now, my life seems busier than ever.  Summer started a week ago and my children have had 3 nights of sleepovers, I am signing my daughter up for tennis lessons, I have taken them to the library and the pool, started an exercise schedule with my son and am preparing for summer trips. Let’s not forget that in Texas you cannot sit outside for too long; you won’t melt but you will just feel like it.


I have only a short amount of time to smoke a cigar each day during the summer. While waiting for the tennis/golf lesson to be over or waiting for a meeting to start, I might have about 10 to 30 minutes to smoke. What do you do then? Start a robusto and just put it out when they are done? Wasteful. Maybe save it and re-light it later when you can sit outside in the evening? I can do that and have done it; however, the cigar is usually not as good as when I first started it due to the tar and ash taste. So, what to do?

I would like to suggest a cigarillo (3 ¾ inches by 26 ring gauge) or a Rothschild cigar (4 ½ inches by 52 ring gauge) as a better solution. I know there may be some hesitation about smoking such a small cigar. But these small cigars are complex, some pack a lot of flavor and others have a lot of power. Many of the major manufacturers make these smaller cigars; so, you are getting a well-made cigar with premium tobacco. Drew Estates Papas Fritas is a cigar with a lot of power and complexity. I smoke this in the car on the way to one of my offices; it helps me to have less anger at the traffic.

Illusione Rothschildes cigar has such a great draw and I pick up raisin notes from it. I like to smoke this one when waiting for the kids to finish activities or when on the way to a meeting– it has a light smoke that does not sit on my clothing. Tatuaje Cracker Crumbs has a smooth spice that smokes nicely when I have a few minutes to sit outside. I also enjoy the Ashton Cigarillo anytime. This cigarillo represents the Ashton line as well as any of their Toros.

The next time you are in your local shop, take a look at cigarillos or other short cigars. I have added them as a regular rotation to my smoking week. There are those that I smoke when I have 30 minutes and others when I have 10 minutes. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the complexity of these little gems while you enjoy your summer.

By Tara Lee Maloney



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