We spend a lot of time planning vacations from our ever-busy lives, reading about them and talking about them. Often, we put so much thought into the itinerary that we need a vacation from the vacation. Health experts agree that the idea is to get away from stress not create more. Let’s talk about creating an on-site resort themed backyard where we can relax at any time within a minute’s reach. One where the swimming pool is adjacent to the hot tub, which is a few steps away from the outdoor culinary space near the firepit. Pool deck installation companies have made the perfect outdoor space around the pool to place sunbeds and towels. Do I have your ear yet?

Before you say no Ward, let’s look at the pros and cons together. Firstly, and at the top of our list: convenience, convenience and guess what? Convenience. Going to Lake Travis or Barton Springs is a fabulous quick getaway, but you can’t go there every day.

When you have a backyard resort, you’re investing in your property along with your emotional well-being, the family and your social life. Did I mention the health/exercise benefits? The kids are bored, now they won’t be. Don’t feel like stopping at the gym? Relax, you’ve got everything you need to work those glutes as well as get a high-quality cardiovascular workout while entertaining and keeping an eye on the kids.

For the hard facts, we called on the experts in the Austin and surrounding areas. Todd and Michelle Carnes saw a need to offer their customers the opportunity to get one-stop-shopping. Besides building quality homes, they offer swimming pools, spas and hot tubes along with outdoor additions, landscaping, fireplaces, fire pits, pergolas and kitchens. They added Paradise Oasis Pools to their business to assist in helping their customers build the backyard oasis of their dreams.

We asked the Carnes about the difference in a standard swimming pool and a custom or Oasis swimming pool. Michelle said, “A standard pool is typically a free form pool with little or no features. A custom pool is designed with different options the customer wants. Those that desire a custom pool are usually looking for amenities to add to it so that they can have that resort feeling. There are many things we offer to achieve that for them including fire bowls, water bowls, scuppers, grotto’s, waterfalls, slides and much more.”

When asked about the emotional and financial value of adding a pool, the Carnes’ said the value of not only spending time with your family and friends increases, but the amount of time you will spend in your home will too. “Being at home, enjoying your home is even more valuable than before once you add a swimming pool,” Michelle added. “The financial gain is that over time the value of the pool will increase due to newer pools price increases. Years later if you’ve bought a home with an existing pool, the cost to remodel would be significantly cheaper than building a brand-new pool.”

Todd added, “When we meet with customers for the first time, we discuss and compare the cost of vacations with the cost of adding a swimming pool. The average family of four will spend $4800.00 per year on vacations. Usually families will take less vacations once they have a pool because now, they have their own backyard vacation that brings them so much joy. We have yet to have a customer say they regret installing a pool.”

From the maintenance standpoint, guess what? The rules have changed. “You can spend a little more money upfront by upgrading to a pool cleaning system and it will do the work for you,” Michelle explained. “The new operating systems have taken the strain out of having a pool. You don’t have to dig leaves out, it’s done for you.” Technology has improved, and the control is at your fingertips. “We offer an app-based operating system that controls pumps, lights, heaters and floor cleaning systems. You can check and do everything from your phone now,” Todd added.

Apart from having a design you like, the only other real consideration for a pool is how safe it is. Some states require that by law you need to have some sort of fence around your pool to stop animals or children falling in, and prevent as many accidents as possible. Homeowners should also consider using the Hamilton training facility for CPR training, or perhaps a facility similar, so they could handle any medical problems that may arise. One of the best ways to limit these accidents is to make sure there is always at least one adult around the pool if there are children nearby, children who cannot swim must wear floating devices and the have a cover for the pool when it’s not in use so that nobody can fall in.

Oasis Pools offers landscape architect and a pool designer, in house. Todd has 19 years of construction experience and strives to help customers make educated decisions. Michelle is the selection coordinator. She loves meeting with customers and puts a lot of effort into making the process a fun experience. “Building a pool and an outdoor living area is about spending quality time with your family, friends and enjoying your home, and the creation process should be exciting,” she explained.

Colder weather won’t affect your backyard resort if you add the right ingredients. You can still use your pool in times other than high summer if you install the correct heat pump for the water, so take a look at the newest hot water heat pumps for swimming pools and choose the best one for you. This way, the water won’t be cold and you can enjoy your pool even on cooler days. Also, an outdoor fireplace or firepit is a fabulous addition to any outdoor space. When looking to get a custom firepit for your outdoor space, it’s crucial to get one that suits the style of your garden. You will want to make it a part of the outdoor space, somewhere for your friends to toast marshmallows and drinking wine. Gathering around a campfire is as traditional as Texas barbecue. With a firepit, those memories can be made right in your own backyard. “With automated features, there are limitless possibilities for firepit and fireplace designs and materials,” Todd explained. “Whatever the customer can envision, we can build.”

While you may not be able to use the pool as much in colder weather, that hot tub won’t be a second thought. Designed to bring the ultimate in comfort, therapy, and convenience, turn on your jets without having to leave your seat, and enjoy a luxurious hydrotherapy massage that targets the most common aching muscles. “From quality and design to innovation and power, every single aspect of designing the hot tub has been refined so that the experience is nothing but extraordinary,” Michelle said.

Adding a culinary space gives you room to entertain while you cook, not the other way around. “Devoting an area of your outdoor living space to culinary endeavors is smart,” Michelle explained. “You won’t have to disrupt activities by constantly going back and forth from the house to prepare/cook food.”

All your backyard resort dreams can come true with the right amount of planning, expert advice and educated buying. You’ll not only add value to your property, you’ll add years to your overall health in relaxation and stress-free zoning.

By Michelle Keller
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