In the previous article, Speed vs Power, you learned about the differences in the principles of energy and forces. The smaller muscles will initiate speed and bigger muscles maximize power. It is critical to understand – the inside moves the outside – in all stick sports. Ben Hogan said, “the action of the arms are motivated by the movements of the body, and the hands consciously do nothing but maintain a firm grip on the club”. In other words, speed in golf is the result of the transfer of energy from the rotational center (the body/inside), moving the outside (the hands/arms).

I recently attended a Mach 3 Speed Training workshop with Mike Romatowski and the experience confirmed my belief that by focusing entirely on speed training, the brain clutter in regards to improving the club face, club path, angle of attack, and the centeredness of contact all disappeared. Speed training absolutely improves the kinematics/sequence patterns in every golfer. Quote: “Allow greater speed to create your mechanics, not the other way around. Golf speed training is non-technical. Bogging down in the intricacies of swing technique is like letting the air out of the tires on a dragster. There are two components that universally help all golfers swing faster: 1. Set up in a dynamic, athletic, and balanced posture and 2. Create the most speed past the ball. This intention spawns the technique, not vice versa! ” Mike Romatowski

This very simple and tested concept has improved hundreds of golfers, including over 60 of my clients in only one session in just 30 days. Regardless of age or level of player, we see gains of 3 to 15 mph or 10 to 30 yards of distance increase. Many golfers and coaches question whether getting faster compromises accuracy and solidity of the strike. Speed optimizes efficiency and efficiency promotes better accuracy. The only way you can screw this up is by stubbornly clinging to the notion that by over intellectualizing your mechanics, you will create more speed. This is pseudoscience. Learn and train speed & power first with a certified specialist and the use of tools that promote learning and feel with less clutter. Posture and destination are the main components for success!

Buck Mayers is the Director of Instruction at Escondido Golf & Lake Club in Horseshoe Bay, TX and can be reached at
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