The average high temperature during the summer months in Texas tops 90 degrees in almost every city in the state. Rain becomes sparse and the humidity increases in most places.

Conversely, the average temperature in the British Virgin Islands hovers around 79 degrees. There are constant easterly breezes and no clearly defined wet or dry seasons. There’s the beautiful blue water of the ocean.

So, where would you rather be this summer?

The island of Virgin Gorda is home to a beautiful place that is ideal for escaping from the oppressive Texas heat. It sits on a crescent-shaped bay and has a history that is as rich as the island itself. The island was named Virgin Gorda – which translates to “Fat Virgin” from Spanish – in 1493 by Columbus, who saw in the islands the silhouette of a portly woman lying on her back.

Little Dix Bay, a Rosewood Resort, was founded in 1964 by Laurence Rockefeller as part of his original RockResorts stable of Caribbean getaways. The conservation-minded philanthropist envisioned Little Dix Bay as a place of natural harmony and earth in balance while offering an escape from the ordinary.

The resort’s pristine, half-mile crescent beach is the guests’ entry point to one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Guests are able to enjoy diving, snorkeling, water sports, hiking and a host of other activities. Additionally, a coral reef just off the shoreline keeps the waters calm so that swimmers may enjoy it year-round.

The accommodations have always been expansive, as is to be expected at a Caribbean resort. Yet, Little Dix Bay has always been unique because of its founder’s philosophy of existing within the environment without detracting from it. The resort features 100 spacious guest accommodations, most of which are shaded by native sea grape and palm trees. Privacy is a premium, so each guest room has an outdoor patio or terrace that allows for the enjoyment of Virgin Gorda while protecting one’s individual moments.

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts assumed management of Little Dix Bay in 1993. Seeking to return the resort to its original luster, the company just completed a five-year, $25 million enhancement of the property and its amenities.

“Little Dix Bay is one of the original jewels of the Caribbean, and it’s my privilege to be a part of its rebirth as we bring our multi-year enhancement to a close,” said Martein van Wagenberg, Managing Director of Little Dix Bay.

Sixteen new Rosewood Junior Suites have been added, each featuring a patio and porch, as well as outdoor garden showers that blend into the surrounding landscape. Three new hilltop villas have been built, each with three or four large bedrooms, oversized living areas, spacious bathrooms with outdoor showers, and private pools.

All of the guest rooms and suites have been fully refurbished with new bathrooms, fabrics, interior palettes and handcrafted furnishings. A brand new, state-of-the-art, freestanding fitness center opened earlier this year.

The Children’s Grove was one of the first developments in the enhancement. This 3,000 square-foot area is situated in the shade of mahogany trees so that children can enjoy environmental creative activities while being overseen by the resort staff. Kids will have the chance to participate in nature walks, shell-collecting, treasure hunts, stone-painting, and Caribbean folk art and literature.

Of course, the superior service and additional amenities are what make Little Dix Bay stand out from every other island resort in the world.

“New and loyal guests alike can expect to be dazzled by the new developments, from new guest accommodations to superior services – all of which maintain the refined air of luxury and privacy for which Little Dix Bay has so long been legendary,” van Wagenberg said.

Two examples of the superior customer care are Beach Drops and Heli-golf.

Beach Drops are a complimentary service offered by Little Dix Bay in which guests are transported by Boston Whaler boat to any one of 13 destinations around Virgin Gorda, along with a picnic lunch, beach umbrella, bottle of wine and snorkel gear.

Heli-golf is an opportunity that is unique to Little Dix Bay. Because there is not a golf course on Virgin Gorda, Little Dix Bay will assist guests in coordinating helicopter transportation via Island Helicopters International.

Guests will be flown to St. Croix, where they can play the Robert Trent Jones-designed Carambola Golf & Country Club. Originally built by Rockefeller as part of a 4,000 acre resort development, Carambola has seen significant capital investment since 2003 as part of a redevelopment led by a group of full and part-time residents of St. Croix.

Now, what would a Caribbean resort be without a spa to sooth the soul?

The Spa at Little Dix Bay is situated on a tranquil hilltop overlooking the bay and the vibrant blue water of the Caribbean. Water views reach 25-miles on most every day. An open-air infinity pool and a quiet area are available for relaxation prior to a treatment.

Most notable is the Cliff Spa Suite, which can be privately booked for up to eight hours, with individual treatments at additional cost. This incredible area features luxurious private facilities for both indoor and open-air wet and dry treatments, an intimate dining area, and a whirlpool with spectacular views of the secluded beach below.

The most expansive and incredible experience at Little Dix Bay is time spent at the Hilltop Yoga Platform. Situated 800 feet above the resort’s beach, this area offers practitioners of yoga the solitude they require to become one with their surroundings while immersing themselves in the beauty of the land. The platform offers 360-degree views of the bay and the surrounding islands for 25 miles. Add to that the landscape dotted with cactus and bougainvillea, fluttering butterflies, and the sweet sounds of chirping birds, and guests will be able to explore all their inner desires.

It is virtually impossible to accurately describe the experience of existence at Little Dix Bay. The environment, the accommodations, the first-class dining, the ultimate privacy and intimacy – it all combines to create a paradise that is far, far away, yet actually so very close.

It is said that what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Rockefeller had a vision for Little Dix Bay. Rosewood Hotels & Resorts has made the investment to achieve that vision. All that remains is for you to immerse yourself in it.

There is no better way to escape the oppressive Texas heat than to spend a few days or a few weeks being liberated by Little Dix Bay.

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By J.Frank Hernandez

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