Mystère’s premiere performance was December 25, 1993 being the very first permanent home for a Cirque Du Soleil show and the oldest of the seven Las Vegas shows. It is by far the funniest of all the Cirque shows bringing that street theatre-style comedy to the big stage.
The main reoccurring character that totally captivates everyone is an older gentleman named Brian Dewhurst who is a spunky 78-year old. He prides himself in being a scheming menace who constantly makes you laugh with his physical comedy.

After many years of celebrating this long time favorite flower in the desert/mystery of life performance, Cirque decided to revamp Mystère. They added two new acts that were previously part of “Zed” from Japan. The first being female soloist silk artist, Ginger Ana Griep-Ruiz and the second is the closing trapeze act who flip and fly to opposite bars. Both are beautiful and exciting additions to this already amazing creation.

If you have seen Mystère before, you will be happy to know that the “Big Baby” is still in the production and remains funny as ever. The role was created by Francois Dupuis whose memory will last forever.

There’s a lot of excitement and laughter built into this 90-minute power phenomenon with tickets beginning at $69 at Treasure Island. A definite recommendation and fun for the whole family.

Enjoy the Mystère de la vie!!!!

By Kelly Vohnn

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