The 2019 5-seater Volvo XC40 is the Scandinavian auto maker’s first contender in the luxury compact sport utility vehicle market. Volvo combined successful features from its larger SUV line-up with some new pizzazz and created one of the hottest new entry level SUVs in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Let’s start with looks. The XC40 is a beautifully designed ride. Volvo really hit the mark with the exterior of the XC40. The beefy front Volvo grill, the Thor’s hammer daylight running lights and wide sporty stance are very appealing at first glance.

As you continue the walk around there are strong elegant lines, large tails lights and an overall comprehensive look and feel that really works well. On either of the two trim levels of the XC40 that include the entry-level Momentum and the midlevel R-Sport model you get great looks and a long list of standard features that won’t break the bank.

The XC40 is equipped with all-wheel-drive and a 248-horsepower, turbocharged four-cylinder engine matted to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Acceleration and handling feel solid in all sorts of driving conditions without sacrificing agility or fun factor.

Inside the CX40 Volvo continued the attention to detail with a large 9” display screen, very comfortable sporty seats, and accents galore. Cargo room out back is exceptional for a ride this size and there are also lots of safety features that come standard. For example, a rearview camera, blind spot monitoring and Volvo’s City Safety, which delivers warnings and brakes automatically when a collision is imminent.

The 2019 Volvo CX40 is an exciting expression of form integrating well with function. Volvo designers and engineers did a stand-up job bringing the CX40 to life. This ride is a must see if for anyone looking for a small luxury SUV with attitude.

The entry-level Momentum hits around the mid-30 thousand-dollar range while the R-sport starts just under the 40-thousand-dollar mark.

By DriverSide Vehicle Reviews



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