The 2019 BMW X5 is a new take on one of the world’s bestselling luxury sport utility vehicles. Considering the X5’s successful history BMW had to be confident tackling a nearly complete recreation of this fourth generation X5.

The increased global popularity of the SUV has motivated manufactures like BMW to invest in making sure this platform is well represented. That’s why the new X5 represents the best BMW has to offer.

The new X5 is equipped with the xDrive50i producing 456-hp and 479-lb-ft V-8 or xDrive40i with the 335-hp and 330 lb-ft I-6. These power-plants provide great acceleration and smooth highway cruising. This Luxury SUV is more than just a pretty face, it also has the guts to confidently take you on an off-road adventure. This optional off-road package has enhanced modes for snow, rocks, sand, and even gravel.

BMW redesigned the front kidney grill and adaptive LED headlights. Out back the rear lights wrap around the body for a more complete day or night lighting experience.

Another modern-day feature is the Extended Traffic Jam Assistant that provides hands-free driving at up to 37 mph while a camera monitors your eyes and tells you to take over the wheel if you don’t pay attention to the road. There is also a cross-traffic alert system that will adjust to changes in speed limits. And how about the parking assistance that memorizes how you drove into a spot so it can efficiently steer you back out, Wow!

The xDrive40i starts around $60k and you can get into the xDrive50i starting in the mid $70k range. For anyone looking for an all-around luxury SUV that offers good looks, a solid performance history and the latest in technology then the 2019 BMW X5 should be on the top of the list for a test drive.

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