Bentley has certainly earned a reputation of exclusivity, luxury and style. Bentley, headquartered in Crewe, England is a British manufacturer of exotic luxury vehicles. For the first time in its long history Bentley has produced a sport utility vehicle like no other. The 2018 Bentley Bentayga is considered the priciest, most performant and luxurious SUV on the world’s automotive stage.

Just at a glance the numbers seem to back-up the claim. How about reaching 60 mph in just about 4 seconds? For a 7-seater vehicle to move like that it must have something powerful under the hood. Bentley packed in a 600 horse-power twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre W12.

The Volkswagen VW group, which currently owns Bentley, is the only automotive group in the world that makes engines in a “W” configuration. The advantage is packaging, as a W is shorter than a V, and it can be set further back in the car to balance the weight distribution. This is the case for the Bentley brand usage.

The exterior is sophisticated and poised setting the Bentayga apart from any other SUV on the road. The front grille is classic Bentley complimented by 22inch wheels and powerful styling lines that finish off this 200 plus thousand-dollar ultra-luxury SUV.

Bentley spared no expense on the Bentayga’s interior. The seats are wrapped in the finest of leathers surrounded by every detail of custom finishes from top to bottom. The interior feels every bit of the hefty price tag for this super SUV.

Bentley offers many configurations including a diesel powered Bentayga and an all-wheel- drive version. There are countless optional features that are available for every want or need you might have for this exceptional SUV.

So how can anyone pass up a test drive in a 6000lb SUV that has the guts and performance of an exotic sports car. Bentley has definitely raised the bar in the competitive world of luxury SUVs.

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